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How to distinguish the stand or fall of vacuum coating equipment?

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Vacuum plating furnace equipment use stature is one of the buyers to buy equipment standards, and a device using life is too short, then the buyer is not like the reason is obvious, who all don't like a big value to buy a flower full of very short device. Even if the vacuum coating equipment, fine, even, maintenance is also very simple, so don't like by the buyer.
The vacuum coating equipment, 4.3 billion, 2012, was reported. Vacuum coating market in sensitive extension, also reflect all items together needs with more and more high quality, to satisfy consumers need, many need coating on product manufacturers to buy the vacuum coating equipment. Vacuum coating equipment coating with fine, uniform and allows manufacturers to produce out even more beautiful more by the use of products to suitable for shopping mall.
During the plating color is uniform, a device coating is fine, is to distinguish between a coating equipment is good or bad.
Assuming that plating color uniform, so there is no doubt the device is a very good equipment, one can wait for equipment by manufacturer. Thin coating, uniform equipment can produce more beautiful, more by the use of products, beautiful by the use of the product is consumer favorite is consumer like this kind of product, the manufacturer will benefit from the product. Manufacturers can benefit from the thin coating, uniform product benefit, it will more attention thin coating, uniform yield. Will put more effort in producing thin coating, uniform product. And the company to produce out thin coating, then you need a good product can be coated with fine, uniform of the equipment.