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The working principle of the vacuum coating machine

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Vacuum coating machine first refers to a kind of need to be done under high vacuum coating, including many types, including vacuum ion evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering accumulation and so on many kinds. First idea is to share out bonus evaporation and sputtering two kinds.
Need coating was changed into a substrate, coating material was changed into a target material. Substrate with target in the vacuum chamber.
Evaporation coating is to heat the surface of target component to groups of atoms, or ions method by evaporation, and sedimentation in the substrate surface, through the film-forming process (scatter - island structure - the vagus structure - layered growth) a film. For sputtering coating, can be a brief understanding for the use of electronic or high-energy laser bombardment of target, and make the surface composition method groups of atoms, or ions was sputtering, and, after all, accumulation in the substrate surface, resume film-forming process, after all, a thin film.
The use of vacuum coating equipment
Vacuum coating equipment and its widely used in electronic work: a transparent conductive film, glass, polyester substrate, such as vacuum coating on indium oxide, tin oxide thin films, the end can be both transparent and conductive function. The electrode can be used to flash cables, plane photography, idea effect of recorded materials, etc. Electric heating membrane, part of the box line on the glass lamp base is chromium and nickel alloy vacuum coating equipment, processing power, can end heating function, to remove water vapor lamp due to temperature difference.
Vacuum coating equipment is a has a vision of using technology, vacuum coating equipment can not be replaced by other a series of technical excellent characteristics: is not affected by coating materials and current situation of the element. The thickness of the coating can be controlled.