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Coating in the common several kinds of ion source

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Ion source type is more, the purpose is nothing more than the online cleaning, surface energy distribution and modulation of the plated to increase reaction gas energy. Ion source can greatly improve the bonding strength of the film and substrate, and hardness of the film itself, the wear-resisting corrosion features will also improve. If plating tool wear-resisting layer, general thickness is larger and the film thickness uniformity requirements is not high, can use level is also higher ion current of ion source, such as hall ion source or anode layer ion source.

Anode layer ion source, and the principle of hall ion source approximation. In a ring (rectangular or circular) apply of magnetic field, under the effect of anode working gas ionization and fired at the workpiece. The anode layer ion source can do very big very long, especially suitable for plating master pieces, such as architectural glass. The anode layer ion source ion current is bigger also. But the ion flow is divergent, and level distribution is too wide. Generally applicable to large workpiece, glass, wear and tear, decorative artifact. But senior applied in optical coating is not too much.

Kaufman ion source is used earlier ion source. Belong to the grid type ion source. First by the cathode chamber at ion source plasma, then consists of two layers or three layers of the anode grid will be extracted ions from the plasma cavity. Directionality is strong, the ion source to produce ions energy concentrated bandwidth, which can be widely used in the vacuum coating. The disadvantage is that the cathode (often tungsten) soon burned in the reaction gas, another is ion flow has a limit, to large ion flow user may not and.

Hall ion source is anode in a strong axial magnetic field under the collaboration of the process gas ionization, etc. The strong axial magnetic field of the imbalance will gas ion separation and ion beam is formed. As a result of the action of axial magnetic field is too strong, hall ion source and ion beam to add electronic to neutralize ion flow. Common source of neutralization is tungsten filament (cathode). The characteristics of the hall ion source is:

1, simple and durable.
2, ion current and gas flow rate is proportional to the almost, can obtain larger ion current.
3, tungsten wire across the general export and ion beam impact will soon dissolve, especially for the reaction gas, usually just need to change more than 10 hours. And tungsten there will be a certain amount of pollution. To solve the shortcoming of tungsten. Have the longer-lived neutralizer, such as a small source of hollow cathode.
Hall ion source is the most widely used ion source. Advanced as Veece Mark I and Mark II ion source. Applicable, such as domestic most of the ion source.

If wear-resistant decorative plating film, film thickness is big, need with the body binding force strong, the uniformity of request is not high. Available hall ion source. The ion current is big, and ion level is high also. If is plated optical film, the main requirements ion current energy concentration, ionic current uniformity is good. Therefore, it is best to Kaufman or RF ion source, conditional can use ECR (electron cyclotron) or ICP (inductively coupled) ion source. In addition, also want to consider to consumables, such as use tungsten filament HuoErYuan ten hours is used in the reaction gas burn out. Advanced ion source such as ICP ion source can be in the reaction gas hundreds of hours of continuous work.

Lamps and lanterns of aluminum film plating. Because it is a metal film, of course, is good dc magnetron sputtering. Speed is fast. Intermediate frequency for compound membrane plating. If the selected ion source, hall ion source is enough. But pay attention to the size of lamps and lanterns. General hall ion source is round, the area covered by ion source co., LTD. You must use ion beam to full coverage. If the common hall ion source is too small, can consider to use the anode layer ion source. One cause of the ion source is the hui is the magnetic field is too weak to inspire plasma. Although many different kinds of ion source, but basically is to produce plasma first, and then draining gas ions from the plasma and accelerating into ion beam, made after the injection of electron and ion flow as needed.