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Introduction of vacuum coating machine equipment

Addtime:2016/11/24 15:26:13  Views:505

When the concentration of electrolytic test of vacuum plating equipment unchanged, current density, electrolyte temperature change coating machine, smooth (hard) chromium can obtain three kinds of lattice layer different, namely gray face, bright and milky white chromium layer.
1) the chrome layer is obtained at low temperature, and the chromium layer of the coating machine at the high current density. From the high degree (HV = uoo), the toughness of the method, a mesh pattern, strong color, dark crystal. Using measurement tools, chrome plating.
2) bright chrome layer is the chromium layer in the medium temperature, the small current density of the coating machine. High hardness (HV = 800), good toughness, wear resistance, internal stress is small, dense grid lines, fine grain, surface brightness. Suitable for repair of worn parts.
2) the milky white chromium chromium layer layer is obtained under the condition of high temperature, low current density plastic coating machine, coating machine, low hardness (HV = 400 - 500), plastic, without reticulate wrinkles, fine grain, like a white, suitable for the impact load increasing in size and decorative chromium plating.
Porous (loose hole chrome plating, chrome plating layer) coating machine and point chromium layer and chromium layer groove two, available electrochemical method and mechanical method. Performance of porous chromium plating for lubricating oil. Therefore, it has better wear resistance.
When a predetermined line of chromium plating on the cathode, which will lead to the anode, coating machine to the personality of the acid solution electrolysis (electrolytic discharge), through the DC, chrome layer surface coated with a thin and uniform!