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What are the main functions of vacuum plating?

Addtime:2016/11/24 15:27:09  Views:487

What are the main functions of vacuum plating? Now vacuum plating equipment is to do better and better, from the beginning to function more than a single vacuum plating to today's multi-functional combination of vacuum plating, which has experienced a longer period of time.
Vacuum chamber of vacuum plating equipment can be used in combination with stainless steel or carbon steel production, vacuum plating equipment made to open the door or open the door.
Vacuum plating equipment by resistance heating, if the resistance to heat, using the vacuum plating equipment materials including graphite, tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, nickel, vacuum plating equipment after heating to insulation, vacuum plating equipment set insulation layer can improve the heating efficiency, so as to avoid the vacuum plating equipment rapid heat dissipation generally, the insulating layer and the metal composite insulation layer two forms.
Vacuum plating equipment for testing, measuring the indoor temperature better, vacuum plating equipment used in measuring instrument and control instrument, avoid high temperature or substandard vacuum plating equipment, pumping system consists of vacuum pumps and accessories according to their respective functions using the assembly.
The company pointed out that the vacuum coating machine, mechanical pumps, roots pump, diffusion pump including common vacuum plating equipment, vacuum plating equipment pumping process by the vacuum measuring instrument display vacuum, vacuum to ensure accuracy.