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Innovative methods of ion plating on vacuum coating equipment

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Innovative methods of vacuum coating equipment, multi arc ion plating on the so-called multi arc ion coating is arranged to be plated materials and plated substrate in indoor, vacuum coating machine by multi arc ion plating method of heating the plating material, the evaporation or sublimation, and flight to the surface of a substrate to be plated sputtering process condensed film.
Method of multi arc ion plating, in the condition of film have many advantages, can reduce the collision of atoms and molecules to the substrate material in the evaporation process in the molecule, reduce the chemical reactivity of the molecules in a gas and steam source between materials (such as oxidation), and reduce gas molecules in membrane process in thin film as the amount of impurities, thus providing the film density, purity, deposition rate and adhesion with the substrate.
Vacuum coating equipment, multi arc ion plating technology not only avoids the shortcomings of traditional surface treatment, and the technical indicators are better than the traditional technology, is widely used in the field of hardware, machinery, chemical, mould, electronic instruments, etc.. Compared with the traditional treatment process, what is the innovation in technology?
1, multi arc ion plating without electricity, reduce the cost, the cost is only 1/2 of the nickel multi arc ion plating, vacuum coating machine multi arc ion plating chromium 1/3, 1/4 stainless steel, can be used repeatedly, greatly reduces the cost.
2, multi arc ion coating is easy to operate, the process is simple, the metal substrate immersed into the good liquid in a bubble that is, need to be processed without any treatment. What is plated AR film? Why to AR film?
3, multi arc ion plating, no pollution, non-toxic and tasteless, no waste discharge, which belongs to the technical state environmental protection products.
4, multi arc ion coating, easy to use, easy to use, the shape of the complex metal substrate can handle.
5, multi arc ion coating hardness, hardness, catalytic vacuole over the hardness of the metal substrate is a multi arc ion coating process several times.
6, multi arc ion coating will not rust, catalytic liquid immersion metal substrate has penetrated the skin inside, can not afford to skin, not fall off.