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What is the PVC material

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PVC. Basic characteristics: it is one of the largest plastic products production in the world, cheap, wide application, PVC resin as white or light yellow powder. According to the different USES can join different additives, PVC plastic can present different physical properties and mechanical properties. In PVC resin, adding suitable amount of plasticizer, can be made into a variety of hard, soft and transparent products.
The density of pure PVC is 1.4 g/cm3, joined the plasticizer and filler of the density of PVC plastics are generally 1.15 2.00 g/cm3. Hard polyvinyl chloride (rare good tensile, flexural and compressive strength and impact resistance, can be used as structure materials separately. Softness of soft PVC, the elongation at break, cold resistance will increase, but the brittleness, hardness, tensile strength decreased. Polyvinyl chloride (rare good electrical insulation properties, can make low frequency insulation materials, the chemical stability. Due to the poor thermal stability of PVC, heating for a long time can lead to decompose, release HCL gas, make the PVC color changing, so its application scope is narrow, using temperature generally between 15 to 55 degrees.
Main use: due to their high chemical stability, therefore, can be used to produce anti-corrosion pipes, pipe fittings, pipelines, centrifugal pumps and drum fan, etc. PVC hard board is widely used in chemical industry production of all kinds of storage tank lining, construction of corrugated board, door and window structure, wall decoration material such as building materials. Due to the excellent electrical insulation properties, can be in the electrical and electronic industry, used in the manufacture of plugs, sockets, switches and cables. In daily life, PVC used in the manufacture of sandals, raincoat, toys and leather, etc.