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Oil diffusion pump return how repair?

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Oil diffusion pump back to do, if there is no damage, vacuum gauge tube return oil is generally do not need to repair, main vacuum cleaning indoor diffusion pump oil. It is best to use gasoline wipe all the walls of the vacuum chamber use alcohol to clean it again and again and again. Oil must be cleaned it is the key, if the presence of indoor and oil, will appear white plating membrane, membrane layer phenomenon such as the quality is bad, not for plating equipment damage, but because the vacuum chamber with oil.

Oil diffusion pump often return may be the following questions:

1、Cooling water flow or pressure not enough, resulting in a decline in cooling capacity and heat diffusion pump half part, the oil vapor can't good liquefaction. Solution to the diffusion pump inlet pipe connect with 4 mpa gas source, blow out scale, connect outlet pipe also blow to 4 mpa. If the scale of many and strong, can pass into the dilute hydrochloric acid. Or replace the diffusion pump.

2、Heating temperature is exorbitant, due to the diffusion pump heater do not tally with the rated power, power is too high, causing steam, oil can cause return, replacement of electric stove wire can be solved.

3、Amount is too high, high amount to easy to cause the steam cycle is slow, towards the lower compression stranded, cause return oil, according to the manufacturer to provide information to amount to control can be avoided.

4、After oil oxidation, diffusion pump oil oxidation, viscosity and steam flow is affected, short of jet velocity, naturally return to the vacuum chamber. Can speak diffusion pump to be removed, remove heart pump, using 120 # gasoline cleaning, and then polished, will produce carbon and black oxide polishing off, again use 120 # gasoline, dry cleaning, and then install, pour into oil or silicone oil diffusion pump, heating can work after several times. To prevent pollution of the workpiece.

5、If the diffusion pump served for more than 8 to 10 years, or used in bad environment, can consider to change. Improve the work efficiency and maintenance costs.